Monday, March 30, 2009

First Big Boo Boo

I've been paranoid about falls ever since she started pulling up, but I knew it was bound to happen. Yesterday afternoon Addyson was holding on to the couch cushion and lost her grip and banged her head against the coffee table leg. She screamed and cried, but I was still paranoid even though I knew that was a good sign. About 15 mins afterwards she got sick and then around midnight it happened again. Off to the ER we went. I think Addyson must have inherited my balance to be going to the ER at nine and a half months old. The nurses and doctors quickly assessed her and reassured us that she was doing fine. Then at 3:00AM we were on our way home with our little girl. Just as a precaution the ER doctor had us go to see our pediatrician this morning and she was given a clean bill of health again. We were very lucky, but the coffee table will be relocated until a later date just in case. I'm sure this is one of many exciting nights we will have as new parents.

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Margaret said...

Oh no!!! So sorry to hear about that! I'm constantly amazed, in both good ways and in scary ways, at the seriousness of our job as parents. Ethan had a similar experience a couple of days ago where he fell outside and hit a piece of wood on the swingset pretty hard. Knowing what to do is soooo hard when they can't tell you how they're feeling! Good job on handling it so well!