Saturday, June 6, 2009

First Birthday!

Well we had Addyson's first birthday party today! Sorry everyone I decided to just have a small get together because there would be a lot of family in town and I knew it would be a huge undertaking (I'm kind of a spaz) to try to do a big party especially when Addyson won't remember it.
How did it go? I've never known Addyson to really get upset about much and that all changed this weekend. Apparently she is not big on having a house full of people. She was moody and didn't even take a nap today until 4 after everyone left. She certainly let us know that she is now a toddler. We also found out that she is allergic to eggs this morning, which was pretty scary. There were some fun times though and she had a ton of fun tearing off the wrapping paper. Hopefully her actual birthday on Wednesday will go better.