Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Little laughs!

Addyson started chuckling this weekend! I'm so excited! She's only done it a couple of times, but I'm sure it will be no time until we are cracking up together.
This weekend Addyson will get to go on her first real camping trip! We are going to Branson to our annual family church campout. We were going to stay in a hotel, but we figured she was laid back enough to go tent camping. Worse come to worse we get a hotel if things go poorly. Wish us luck!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

2 month portraits

We got Addyson's 2 month old pictures taken a few weeks ago and we are just now getting a chance to post them.

It's so hard being a baby.

Our Little Cheeser!

Oooh... what are these shinny things?

Oh No! Did I get caught playing dress up?!?!

First Hotel Stay & Stroller Ride

Yesterday between class and church we received the call that my stepdad was going to have a proceedure on his heart today in OKC, so after lunch we headed out on the five hour trip to Enid, OK. While we were getting things ready at the house Addyson napped in her carrier and then she napped pretty much all the way through the trip. Needless to say I was sure that she would be up all night, especially with it being an unfamiliar environment with strange noises. Thankfully she was somehow still tired when we arrived so she had her night time bottle and off to sleep she went for the entire night. WooHooo!!!!
This morning we were going up to the hotel lobby (where I am posting from now) to get some of the wonderful contenental breakfast, and we decided to roll her up here in her stroller. I was feeling a little on the lazy side(nothing new there) and decided to see how she did in just the stroller rather than fussing with her carrier. She sat up and looked like such a big girl. Hopefully we'll be allowed to take the stroller into the hospital today so that we don't have to lug her around in the carrier all day long.
It feels like she's growing up so fast!