Monday, March 9, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!!!

I cannot believe its March! My sweet girl will be nine months old tomorrow. She's learned so much within the last month. She started out just barely crawling and now she's not only an expert crawler, but she's also learned to pull up and cruising. She's had her ups and downs but thankfully no serious spills. These new developments have made me a little anxious, but its so wonderful to see her grow both developmentally and physically.

As long as the weather doesn't turn bad we'll be making our first trip to the Tulsa zoo as a family. It should be interesting to see how Addyson likes though I know she won't pay any attention to the animals. There will be plenty of picture opportunities though. Hopefully I'll be able to post those before April.

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Margaret said...

Doesn't it just amaze you when they learn new things like crawling, cruising, and walking! It just becomes more and more fun every day!
Have fun at the zoo! :)