Thursday, July 9, 2009

First Steps!!!

Today Addyson and I went to story time today at the library. We had a wonderful time and Addyson sat through the whole 30 mins with no squirming. At the end of class several of the little ones were playing with the toys, including Addyson, and all of the sudden she just lets go and takes two steps towards another little girl playing there. I couldn't even believe it happened at first!!! Thank goodness so many friends were there so I know I didn't imagine it. A few minutes later I was holding her hands and let go and she did two steps again! Tonight she stood and played with toys and then walked to me several times. Its so exciting!!! I feel like I've been holding my breath waiting and now that its happened I'm completely amazed! Being a mommy is so wonderful!

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Megan said...

Yes!! I was a witness! ;) I'm glad you both came to story time.