Monday, April 27, 2009

10 Months Old

I can't believe my sweet, little girl is 10 months old! Her personality is blossoming every day. She's started walking with her push toy and goes all over the house. Its so funny when she gets to a wall she scoots it back and forth and talks to it until we come and turn it around.
In the last few weeks she has also started table foods at daycare and really seems to like it. It does make for a few more messes, but its so much fun watching her experiment with new things.
Every day is filled with more changes and excitement. Speaking of changes here are a few of the portraits we had made a couple of weeks ago.

This weekend we also took our second camping trip as a family. Last time Addyson was only four months old, so this time was quite a bit different. There were a couple of rough patches seeing as Addyson is not a big fan of naps at the moment, but it was a really great tip over all. Hopefully we'll be able to go at least one more time this year.

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Margaret said...

LOVE the picture of Addyson in the brown shirt and plaid pants - sooooo cute!