Thursday, January 22, 2009

Warning! For Female Eyes Only!

Okay. I just have to tell this story, because it is too funny!

Sunday night we were at life groups and Monty was holding Addyson. Monty commented on a little gas that she had passed. A few minutes later we all realized that Addyson has decided to get Monty ready for fatherhood in her own special way. Her little toot was actually a big blowout all over his leg. So off to the bedroom to change the diaper only to discover there are none to be had. I of course panic and start tearing through the bag for anything to keep her and the brand new car seat dry the five miles home. Then at the deepest, darkest corner of the bag I found it! There was one last ginormous hospital issued maxi pad from when I had Addyson. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be thankful to see one of those again, but that night it was our ticket to a dry ride home. So ladies the moral of the story is always double check your bags before leaving the house and don't be afraid to raid your stash in an emergency.


Anonymous said...

LOL... that is too funny. Women with children should be prepared at all times. The diaper bag should always be ready like "lets make a deal". One never knows when Monty Hall will show up and ask for a ginormous maxi pad!

Margaret said...

That is hilarious!!! I'd never want to see those things again either, but I guess it worked out perfect for your situation!!!!

On another note... no way Addyson looks more like you! She looks just like her daddy! :)