Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Deja Vu

If anyone tells you that fatigue, mood swings & a neverending appettite end in the first trimester they were wrong. At 25 weeks I'm tired, weepy and eating everything in site. I wussed out on going to the gym with the girls because I felt and looked like I'd been up all night. Now all that I can think of is Josh getting home so that I can eat. I'm going to weigh 300lbs before Addyson makes her arrival. Its all worth it though. Feeling her little kicks and turns is the most wonderful thing in the world. I thank God every day for entrusting us with one of his children; I just hope as parents we can make Him proud.

Tubby & Lovin' It,

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Busy Weekend

Whoo!!! What a great weekend! On Saturday I got up early and went to the church kitchen where several of us ladies did some batch cooking. Yes I know it sounds riveting, but we really did have a great time plus I made 5 dishes for $35.
Josh and I then went over to visit the Lamps & their precious new son, Ethan. I'm so glad that mommy and baby came through delivery safe & sound. He's absolutely adorable!!!
Finally, we wrapped up the evening with some shopping and dinner. We picked up a hutch for all of my scrapbooking supplies to help clear out Addyson's room. My sweet hubby stayed up late putting it together so that I could move into it on Sunday. Its going to be great having everything easily accessable. Hopefully I'll actually do something with it now. Anyways I'm off to do some chores & possibly some scrapbooking.